About Us
Glass Block Security, LLC was founded in 2009 by Terry Savatt and his sons, Brandon and Anthony.
Our family has been in the Glass Block business since Terry ("Dad") was hired by Medina Glass Block in 1985.  After school both boys followed suit into the industry.
With thirty years of experience, you won't find a more competent team, with more invested in your home's security and beauty.
"Growing up, I was always proud that my dad did something good.  He wasn't peddling junk, he was providing people with an American-made, quality product that they wanted."
The benefits of Glass Block are without question.  We believe we are the best company to meet any of your residential basement or bathroom window needs.
You'll have the CEO on site, wearing workboots at the time of installation and get to see the dynamic of a father & son working together.  An episode of Pawn Stars just might break out in your basement!